About us

Our Philosophy

  1. Our DNA: “One needs to manage oneself before
    attempting to manage anything external in life”
    A. Parthasarathy
  2. Savings Philosophy: “Don’t save what is left after
    Spending, But spend what is left after Saving”
    Warren Buffett

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Our Clients

  1. Young Graduate - Investor education program with MONEYMasters
  2. Wealth Builders
  3. Retired Individuals
  4. Business Owners & High Net Worth Individuals

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Our Business Design

We are a Financial Planning Business, continually focusing on:

  1. Our Brand on advice based financial solutions
  2. Our Vision to be regarded as a professional and holistic
    financial planning business that offers Independent
    Objective Advice
  3. Our Mission on constantly setting the standard in financial
    planning advice and process

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