Wealth Builder

This solution is designed for individuals who are building wealth. We believe that growing wealth should be directly linked to understanding an individual’s relationship with money. Emphasis is placed on strategic asset allocation, where our target allocations depends on the investor’s risk tolerance, time horizon and investment objectives which may change over time as these parameters change. 

We focus on the following investment fundamentals:

  • Risk and return are related¬†¬†
  • Diversification is the antidote to uncertainty
  • Asset allocation principally determines return in a diversified portfolio
  • Don’t be distracted by emotions when investing
  • Speculation is not investment

Using industry specialists we tailor the following portfolios:

  • Collective investment scheme portfolio (unit trust fund)
  • Structured Investment Products

Best suited for:

  • Young graduate professionals
  • Industrious and progressive business and working class individuals
  • Individuals with life changing situations (sudden inflow of capital)